Dr. Stefanos Vourtsis

Dr. Vourtsis is a specialist in Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery He graduated and specialised with honours (110 cum laude, 70 cum laude risp.) from the University of Milan. He has attended many courses and conferences, even as lecturer. Member of the Italian Society of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Vourtsis opened his Practice in the heart of the city of fashion and design several years ago to encourage focus on the beauty of the body in people who are keen on their personality and want to build self-esteem, the premise for personal success.

The Medical Practice

The Plastic Surgeon Vourtsis, based in Milan, is specialised in the field of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery. His practice is studied to the last detail and furnished with extreme care and refinement to invite the patient to step into a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere that is quite unlike the conventional medical practice.

Clinical activity. Dr. Stefanos Vourtsis establishes relations with the patient by performing a specialised examination during which he discusses the patient’s question. This analysis is followed by a simple and exhaustive explanation of the possible medical or surgical solutions. He also offers all mainstream cosmetic treatments, ranging from laser sessions (fractionated CO2 and pulsed light), to aesthetic medicine treatments and outpatient surgery (dermatological surgery, low risk cosmetic surgery).

For major surgery he relies on high quality private clinics in the Milan area.

The primary goal.

The Plastic Surgeon Vourtsis, based in Milan, offers an all-round service in the field of cosmetic surgery by combining the efficacy of medical and surgical treatments with enhanced aesthetic perception, an essential trait for the excellent outcome of plastic surgery. Naturally we cannot fail to consider the patient’s need to rapidly return to his or her activities; hence, various alternatives are proposed to suit every need.

Scheduling. If, during the first visit, the patient decides to proceed with surgery, it will be planned at private clinics in Milan that ensure high quality and safety standards.

Curriculum Vitae

Specialist in Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery

Tel.: +39.335.6632.988


Date and place of birth:  07.10.1969  Athens-Greece

Nationality: Greek-German

Languages: Greek, Italian, German, English


-A-levels centred on scientific subjects at the Senior High School Volos; marks 19.5/20 06.1987

-Degree in Medicine and Surgery attained at the University of Milan with marks 110/110 and honours 16.03.1995

-Specialist in Reconstructive Plastic Surgery at the 1st School of Specialisation, University of Milan with marks 70/70 and honours 15.11.2002

-State qualifying examination to practice the Medical Profession 05.1995

-German qualification to practice the Medical Profession “Deutsche Approbation als Arzt” 10.1995

Undergraduate work experience

-Internship in Heart Surgery at the “Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin” – Berlin 10.93-11.93

– Internship at the Heart Surgery Department, ”L.Sacco” Hospital, Milan 01.94-07.94

– Internship at the “Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research”, Milan 04.94-02.95

Graduation dissertation

“Spectral analysis of the variability in heart rate in patients with cardiac failure caused by stenosis or aortic valve failure”

Speaker: Prof. Alberto Malliani

Luigi Sacco Hospital, Milan

Theoretical-practical courses

-“Reconstruction of the earlobe”, “G. Sanvenero Rosselli Foundation”, Milan 01.06.1998

-”The endoscope and its applications in Plastic Surgery”, “G. Sanvenero Rosselli Foundation”, Milan 27.03.1998

“Plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery of the head and neck”, University of Milan – University of Nice 12.97-04.1998

-“12th theoretical and practical course on traumatology and microsurgery of the hand”, Legnano Hospital 13-17.11.2000

-“Laser surgery 1/ 2” SICPRE Turin 2000 10.2000

– “Course on dissection: muscle and musculocutaneous flaps” Graz-Austria 11.2002

-“Course on dissection: rhinoplasty”, Barcelona-Spain 03.2003

-“Breast surgery with periareolar technique”, Milan 13.06.2003

-“Composite lifting according to Hamra”, Milan 29.04.2003

-“Ptosis of the eyelid”, Milan 21.03.2003

-“Multidisciplinary treatment of the diabetic foot”, San Donato General Hospital, Milan (as lecturer) 01.2004

-Course on “Reconstructive surgery for the lower limb”, University of Milan (as lecturer) 06.2004

-Course on “Skin expansion: techniques and applications”, University of Milan (as lecturer) 07.2004

-“Additive Mastoplasty”, Milan 09.10.2004

-“Tissue remodelling for the upper limb”, Magenta-Milan 09.04.2005

-“Focus on peripheral nerve surgery”, Milan 11.06.2005

-“Oncological and Reconstructive Surgery of the Breast”, European Institute of Oncology, Milan 13-15.06.2005

Hospital experience during the Specialisation in Plastic Surgery

-Centre for Burns and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Niguarda Hospital, Milan 1996-1998

-Winner of the “Wilhelm Preis” grant for Plastic Surgery   1998

-(Suspension of the Specialisation period due to military service) 1998-1999

-Plastische Chirurgie Klinikum “Rechts der Isaar”, Munich (Germany)-Prof. Biemer 1999

-Maxillofacial and Plastic Surgery Division, S. Gerardo Hospital, Monza 2000-2001

-Plastic Surgery Department, Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute 2001-2002

-Plastic Surgery Division, San Donato General Hospital, as Medical Director from 01.02.2002

Additional professional experience

-Emergency Doctor on call at the Cesano Boscone LHA 06.96-11.97

-Emergency Physician for Europe Assistance Milan 06.97-09.98

-Medical Officer with the position of Captain during military service with the German Army 10.98-07.99

Case history

Performed more than 2,000 operations as lead surgeon for Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery and Hand Trauma.

Plastic surgery operations performed as lead surgeon in a hospital setting:

  1. Breast reconstruction
  2. Reductive mastoplasty
  3. Abdominoplasty
  4. Rhinoseptoplasty
  5. Ear surgery
  6. Reconstruction of eyelids and Blepharoplasty
  7. Body contouring in the outcome of obesity
  8. Liposuction and lipostructure according to Colemann
  9. Reconstruction of upper and lower limbs
  10. Scar surgery
  11. Skin expansion
  12. Diabetic feet
  13. Hand surgery (carpal tunnel syndrome, hammer finger, Dupuytren’s disease, Neoplasms, bone grafts, malformations, etc.)
  14. Hand traumatology

Cosmetic surgery operations performed on a freelance basis:

  1. Additive mastoplasty
  2. Reductive mastoplasty
  3. Mastopexy
  4. Cosmetic abdominoplasty
  5. Cosmetic rhinoplasty
  6. Blepharoplasty
  7. Facelift
  8. Liposuction
  9. Hand surgery
  10. Ear surgery
  11. Arm and thigh lift

Cosmetic treatments for outpatients:

  1. Fractionated CO2 laser
  2. Filler for lips, grooves, wrinkles, bone profiles
  3. Chemical peeling
  4. Pulsed light
  5. Microdermabrasion
  6. Sclerotherapy
  7. Mesotherapy
  8. Glycolic acid
  9. Botulinum toxin for the treatment of ageing and hyperhydrosis
  10. PRP

Scientific activities

Attended several international conferences, both as participant and as speaker.