Today women openly disclose the fact that they submit to minor cosmetic surgery, and are not in the least ashamed to say so, quite the reverse…
It is not a taboo anymore to admit that some physical details have been touched up by the plastic surgeon, and seeking anti-ageing treatment is not considered a crafty move to be kept secret.
A survey published in “Express Your Self” reports that one woman out of 5 submits to botox or filler treatments without concealing it from friends and acquaintances.

The typical phrase, ”I go for cosmetic surgery but I never breath a word about it” is outdated today!

Botox, filler or other highly professional micro-invasive treatments performed by specialists are extensively acknowledged by the public.

These treatments are studied to achieve an extremely natural look while ensuring the utmost safety. Moreover, the only investment in terms of time is that of a lunch break!
Cosmetic surgeons do not focus on artificially rejuvenating a client but on maintaining a person’s charm as the years go by.
Dear women

always keep in mind that a good plastic surgeon must be perceptive of the natural traits that underpin a woman’s style.