We have just added a new and powerful laser to our selection of machines.

It is Mediostar Next Pro, a laser device with new generation diodes.
It is the most effective laser on the market for hair removal.

Designed for all skin types and all body areas, it is virtually painless. Moreover, given the high frequency of the impulse, it is very rapid.
Hence, no more torture with wax or skin grazed by the razor. The time has come to use laser therapy for decisive hair removal!

The same machine is also a powerful vascular laser that is suitable to treat capillaries, telangiectasias, couperose, rosacea and angiomas.
The effect of concentrated heat on the small blood vessels (capillaries) causes their closure with subsequent attenuation or clearance of the pink or reddish-blue hues. The capillary is closed by laser energy, while the skin is absolutely not damaged.