With the exception of a few fortunate clients, who have a naturally graceful body that is well proportionate, there is no woman who does not complain with some annoyance that certain curves always form in the wrong places. Indeed, very often even in long-limbed subjects who have a good figure, fat only builds up in certain areas, creating unpleasant localised ‘cushions’ or, conversely, some areas of the body might lack volume. You don’t need a ‘magic wand’ to eliminate inappropriate fat build-up and/or to fill up areas that lack curves. The electrosurgical knife of an excellent surgeon, Dr. Stefanos Vourtsis, will suffice.

Liposuction and Liposculpture

Liposuction is a specific cosmetic surgery procedure to remove excessive localised adipose tissue without leaving evident scars. Its natural evolution is liposculpture that, as inferred by the name, shapes the body contour, both by eliminating fat build up and by filling areas characterised by lack of volume.

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Surgery (performed under general, spinal or local anaesthesia and sedation) envisages removal and subsequent remodelling of excessive adipose tissue by using a tube that is connected to a suction device. The tube, which is introduced into subcutaneous fat through a small incision, crumbles and concurrently suctions fat present in the area to be treated. The final outcome is highly satisfactory, with the sole warning that suctioned fat must not exceed a certain quantity. Hence, the correction of ‘more problematic figures’ might require further remodelling procedures. The suctioned fat can be used to fill other hollow areas, such as the face (nasolabial grooves, cheekbones and other), breast, buttocks and any area that lacks the necessary volume. In such cases, the fat is purified with centrifugation or lavage and reintroduced with the help of fine tubes.

Hospitalisation is limited to one day for the patient to rest. Moderate physical exercise can be performed 5-6 days after surgery, whereas it is advisable to practice sports only after at least 20 days/one month. Starting from the second postoperative week, the patient should submit to gentle massages to remove any light irregularities that might form in the body area concerned by surgery during cicatrisation.

The patient is recommended to always wear an elastic sheath during the first month after surgery to avoid impairing the outcome of liposuction/liposculpture.