The importance of the shape of lips in the overall image of the face is often underestimated. The direction of the corners of the mouth, lip thickness, volume and small wrinkles are all factors that contribute to the age of the face. Even in a face submitted to lifting procedures, the outcome might not be exceptional if the lips look “old”. As we grow older, lips get longer, lose volume and become thinner, the corners tend to lean downwards and the perioral region starts sagging.

[Quote] An old mouth makes the face look old, even after lifting; instead, fresh turgid lips make the face look, in average, 5 times younger. [/quote]

Hence cosmetic medicine offers many such treatments. Hyaluronic acid injections restore the volume of lips, allowing the corners of the mouth to be redirected upwards and the contours to be redefined. Minor lifting procedures can also be performed by reducing the skin between the top lip and the nose or even on the unattractive barcode. 2-3 laser treatment sessions will suffice to reduce it drastically. Finally, filling perioral wrinkles with hyaluronic acid can create a new look in the entire nose and lip area.

Hence, never underestimate what the lips say. Everything must be harmonious.