When holidays and summer draw to a close, we expect our much adored tan to disappear.
And when the skin starts losing that typical golden hue, dehydration and photoageing step into the scene.

Skin exposed to sun, wind, sand and salt gets dehydrated, and looks dull and photodamaged.
Dehydration is one of the main causes of skin ageing, and of the appearance of the very first wrinkles.

A useful tip is not to rely solely on the morning anti-wrinkle cream because facial skin requires special care and dedicated products.
Thorough daily cleansing, a moisturiser in the morning and evening and weekly treatment with dedicated masks are good practices that restore the elasticity and health of facial skin.

Another excellent piece of advice is to nurture the skin, by means of small painless injections, with products our skin naturally possesses but which it has partly lost in the course of time as a result of the oxidative stress to which it is exposed during holidays.
These substances can be vitamins, amino acids and hyaluronic acid that, by interacting with our skin, restore tone, and even complexion and elasticity. They also remove fine wrinkles from the face, bags under the eyes, and fine wrinkles on neck, neckline and hands.