A fascinating, cool and intense gaze charged with seductive charm can be seriously impaired by the accumulation of non-elastic skin on the top eyelid, by the appearance of bags under the eyes (caused by excessive projection of orbital fat) and/or by lowering of the eyebrow.

These blemishes, which make the face look eternally tired with a constant frown, can be easily corrected by plastic surgery, specifically blepharoplasty that, depending on individual characteristics, can be either complete or only concern the top or bottom part of the periocular region. Performed under local or general anaesthesia, surgery has a variable duration (that does not exceed one and a half hours), depending on the blemish to be corrected.

Lower eyelid

Excessive peribulbar fat is removed through a small incision of a few millimetres performed along the rim of the lower eyelid. Upon completion of the procedure, the skin is sutured with very fine threads and a sterile patch is applied at the ends of the incision.

Top eyelid

The procedure is similar but, in this case, before intervening the surgeon will evaluate the extent of the excessive skin to be removed in order to make the minute postoperative scar coincide with the natural fold of the eye.

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Blepharoplasty does not present any particular risks, and complete version requires hospitalisation for at most one night (mostly as a precaution).

A light medication accompanied by cold compresses will be applied on the eyes for 24 hours after surgery. The compresses must also be used on the days soon after surgery, when the patient returns home.

Convalescence lasts about 7-10 days. One week after surgery the patient can drive a vehicle once again, while make-up and sports are allowed after two weeks. Some additional caution is required regarding exposure to sun radiations for which it is best to wait 15 days, after which the scars should be covered with a total sunscreen for some months.

As with all plastic surgery procedures, for blepharoplasty too the duration of the result depends on individual variables. Generally, the correction of bags under the lower eyelids presents no recurrence (in rare cases they might have to be touched up but never before a few years after the first surgical procedure).