Snow White’s magnificent stepmother taught us a lesson, and the mirror has become one of the ‘best enemies’ of women who, day by day, despite not claiming to be ‘the most beautiful in the kingdom’, carefully study themselves, afraid of the onset of new wrinkles, a sign of ageing. In an age when the external appearance is considered a sort of business card, the desire to maintain a healthy youthful face with smooth turgid skin that does not sag is common to most people who are approaching the forties, and becomes a priority for those who have already crossed that line.

Filler Treatments

There is an anti-ageing remedy. It is practical and painless, and is offered by aesthetic medicine. These are fillers, or filling substances (hyaluronic acid is the most common) that, injected into the thickness of the skin, eliminate wrinkles. Filling administered in the various areas of the face is not only an anti-ageing solution but also embellishes the face.

The choice of product depends on the blemish to be solved. Fine wrinkles require less thick substances than the ones indicated to eliminate deeper marks.

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The duration of treatment, made up of appropriately positioned microinjections, is about 20-30 minutes. Mild local anaesthesia can be administered with anaesthetic ointments or the local application of ice. The effect is instant and lasts for several months. Normal activities can be immediately performed at the end of the treatment.

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Lip fillers

The same substances can be used to increase the volume of a certain area of the face, particularly the lips. Canoe-shape lips, which were often exaggerated and looked the same, are something of the past. Today, when you choose lip infiltration, you can carefully plan the procedure with the doctor to obtain natural lips that are well defined and whose volume is proportionate with the face.