Make peace with the mirror and find youthful, smooth, elastic skin today with a simple cosmetic surgery procedure that is safe and rapidly performed.

What is it?

The pride of cosmetic medicine, specific for ablative cutaneous rejuvenation based on stimulating cell regeneration, which endows facial skin with a decidedly healthier and more compact appearance, this procedure makes use of fractionated CO2 laser.

Also known as Skin Resurfacing from its use in cosmetic medicine, this laser is made up of a beam that is divided into very fine smaller carbon dioxide light beams that target the water content of cells, vaporising them without damaging surrounding tissues in any way (the target of fractionated CO2 laser is only water contained in cells). The fine rays create ablation columns between which the skin remains intact. This allows effective and also rapid regeneration.


Basically, the laser action eliminates the most superficial layers of skin (that will naturally regenerate in a very short time) and restores uniformity to skin damaged by acne and/or marked by more or less deep wrinkles and small scars.

The best results that can be achieved with ablative laser therapy varies from 20% to 80% and is strictly related to the initial epidermal conditions.

Long-term effects

The collagen remodelling process (subsequent to the action of the laser) continue to improve the results obtained in terms of skin rejuvenation for up to six months after treatment. For an optimal effect, it would be advisable to repeat laser therapy at least three times, at 1-3 month intervals between sessions.

The treatment

Generally performed in the outpatient clinic, this treatment is quick, rapid and virtually painless. The area to be treated is anaesthetised with an ointment and the overall duration of the session varies from 15 to 45 minutes (based on the extent of skin blemishes to be removed).  A slight redness that will spontaneously clear in a short time can be noticed during the first days after surgery (antibiotic ointments and moisturising creams can be useful). The final effect, which is a glowing, smooth and rejuvenated face, will be visible starting from 8-12 days after surgery.

Just one warning

Before submitting to the action of the laser, exposure to the sun and to UVA lamps must be avoided, and the intake of drugs that increase skin sensitivity to light must also be suspended. Skin is often prepared with creams containing vitamin A and depigmenting agents.