As time goes by, even those who are fortunate to have pretty legs might have to face one of the most insidious and annoying blemishes, which is sagging skin on the inside of the thigh. There is a cosmetic surgical procedure to restore tissue tone and fitness, and achieve a firming effect in this delicate area of the body. This technique is designed to remove excess skin from the inside of the thigh (and even from the buttocks).


Thigh lifting can be performed under general or local anaesthesia and presents a duration of about 30-120 minutes (depending on the needs of the individual case).

Some incisions are made during surgery, starting from the groin and extending to the internal part of the base of the thigh, and towards the gluteus region. Upward stretching of the skin with subsequent elimination of tissues in excess is performed through the incisions. The skin is finally sutured in a new position. Sutures will be removed after 8-15 days.

Postoperative precautions

The patient is recommended to stay in bed during the 48 hours after surgery, and to continue the period of convalescence/rest for at least ten days. This will avoid traction and strain on tissues involved by the lifting procedure, and any interference with an excellent cicatrisation process.

To return to sports activities, the patient should wait for at least one month.