from NT – Beauty Marketing, April 2011

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To provide beauticians with useful information on focusing the offer of their Beauty Shop on the actual needs of the extensive public, we asked Stefanos Vourtsis, Specialist in Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery, to describe the benefits of a partnership between doctor and beautician, considering three macro target categories of final clients, divided by age. Start with young women aged under 30 years.


The first age group the doctor discusses is ‘under 30’, also including the young and very young. “In the majority of cases”, says Stefanos Vourtsis, “women who are still not thirty seek a well-groomed appearance and, especially, beauty-enhancing cosmetic procedures. After the age of twenty-one, along with rhinoplasty, ear reduction surgery, lip volume and breast volume augmentation, targeted liposuction is a common choice to solve aesthetic problems related to lower limb volume and, hence, the onset of localised fat and cellulite”. Since the young public ‘has the advantage of a young age and does not need to limit skin ageing as yet,’ it is important to specify how the beautician’s intervention can be very useful. “To solve aesthetic issues arising from the excessive volume of lower limbs”, says the doctor, “at the Beauty Salon the beautician can successfully propose treatments and manual procedures designed to improve the quality and elasticity of skin tissues. Indeed, the appearance of the first signs of water retention, cellulite and stretch marks due to a poorly elastic consistency of skin tissue can start manifesting at a very young age. Hence, I recommend that beauticians should treat lower limbs with cycles of manual massages to be performed by applying creams that have a strong elasticising and softening action. The results obtained can be perfected with a few sessions that make use of professional cosmetic devices”.


“Machines that combine a rolling and vacuum-producing action are especially useful to successfully treat blemishes in buttocks, thighs and legs!”, concludes the specialist. Vacuum beautifully eliminates the blemishes of water retention by efficiently stimulating subcutaneous microcirculation and, hence, encouraging the production of new collagen, regeneration of connective tissue, and elimination of excessive fluids.