from NT – Beauty Marketing, May 2011

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When you reach the thirties, the skin starts manifesting early signs of ‘sagging’. Hence the doctor’s advice to help clients living in the city centre to ‘age well’.

Picking up the thread of the previous issue, precisely how to make the most of the partnership between doctor and beautician, depending on the age group of clients, Stefanos Vourtsis, Specialist in Reconstructive and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, after considering the public ‘under 30’, addresses the target 30/45.


Assiduous visitors of beauty shops and beauty salons, ‘mature’ clients are unquestionably a very interesting category for beauticians. By considering the appearance of early signs of skin ageing, which can be more or less evident, an accomplice, beauticians can loyalise this target by providing competent and professional expertise. “When we study this category of people”, says Dr. Vourtsis, “it is essential for the beautician to realise that, especially for female clients, a timely intervention is required with appropriate manual procedures and treatments established with the doctor in an attempt to slow down the natural epidermal ageing process as far as possible”. It is crucial to help men and women ‘slow down the manifestation of signs of ageing’.

“Fighting age-related blemishes is also important from a medical standpoint”, says the specialist. “For example, it is when wrinkles are not evident as yet that it is most appropriate to perform filling in the typical groove between nose and lips, with minor volumising interventions for turgid lips, and with low doses of Botox to stretch facial skin to effectively stop or even slow down the onset of grooves and deeper signs”.


Correcting early signs of ageing prevents and slows down their progress. “Hence”, says Dr. Vourtsis, “the beautician must change the conventional approach of proposing high impact anti-ageing surgery only to mature clients, and start performing elasticising, softening and toning treatments also on young clients, starting from the age of thirty. I recommend alternating massages and manual applications with dedicated cosmetic products, and peeling in various degrees, besides using professional devices that ensure a smoothing and brightening action, such as radiofrequency, oxygen therapy and/or pulsed light. Indeed, the latter is highly effective in terms of photostimulation of the skin. This treatment improves skin quality in the long-term, contributing to eliminate dark spots and skin blotches”.