Some areas might seem “empty” due to intensive weight loss, a trauma or simply as a result of natural constitution. They might lack the curves required to convey soft sensuality. A hollow face look stressed, and flat buttocks lack the desired charm. Surgery for strategic filling of the hollow areas is called lipofilling.

This cosmetic surgery procedure envisages collecting adipose tissue from the same subject, appropriately purifying it and infiltrating it into areas that present volume deficiencies.
Since it is autologous material (from the same body) there are no problems of allergies or rejection. The fat infiltrated through the lipofilling technique will remain on site, creating a filling effect that is aesthetically remarkable.
The fat is suctioned by means of a fine tube from a certain area of the body (inside the knee, gluteal fold, hips, etc.), and appropriately processed to release it of impurities. For this purification procedure we use a special high speed instrument (a sort of centrifuge). The fat is then inoculated with a micro-syringe into areas established in advance, distributing itself and thus performing its filling action. Surgery can be carried out both to fill extensive areas, such as buttocks and breast, and smaller areas, such as bone profiles, grooves, and facial wrinkles.

The adipose tissue transferred is rich in growth factors and contains stem cells. This characteristic also leads to a qualitative improvement in the receiving tissue and overlying skin, an effect that is extremely useful for the area of the face.

Lipofilling is performed under local anaesthesia, and is often associated with sedation. It is an outpatient procedure.