Today the mirror is not an enemy anymore but rather an excellent counsellor. Questioned without the weight and influence of pointless complexes, it can actually help us understand how to solve or attenuate minor aesthetic blemishes or genuine defects.

. Aesthetic medicine, with its injectable products, laser therapies and plastic surgery procedures, is an excellent and decisive solution for those who, despite a healthy lifestyle, sports and/or appropriate make-up, have not yet ‘defeated’ facial ageing marks. Updated and complete, the website of Dr. Stefanos Vourtsis, Specialist in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, outlines the subject and showcases procedures to offer an initial idea of how easy and ‘painless’ it is to experience the pleasure of appreciating oneself again.

The basic goal of the Vourtsis Medical Practice is to offer a service that features high scientific standards combined with effective medical and surgical treatments and adequate care for cosmetic aspects, which are essential to achieve a satisfactory outcome that meets individual patient needs. Through the website, which is divided into topics and sections, patients can book visits and online consultations at the Milan practice.


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