All women wish to have pretty round and firm arms, a characteristic that excessive slimming or the mere passing of time can impair with worrying speed.

Brachioplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is a sort of arm lift. By reducing the build-up of adipose tissue and of excessive skin, it allows to remodel heavy, aged arms that have lost elasticity and tone, thus restoring the pleasant and harmonious appearance of upper limbs.


Surgery, which can be performed under general or local anaesthesia, is carried out as a day hospital procedure.

During the preoperative phase the doctor uses a dedicated dermographic pen to draw the surgical plan directly on the skin area concerned.

Excessive skin is then removed with an incision performed on the underarm (to be invisible after cicatrisation). Then liposuction is performed on the arm with very fine tubes.

Finally, the adipose deposits are suctioned through fine tubes inserted into the pannicolus adiposus through millimetre wide incisions (performed on the natural folds of the arm to guarantee an excellent aesthetic result).

Convalescence lasts about one week, with the sole recommendation to avoid excessively straining the arms, at least for the period soon after surgery.