It is an undeniable fact that the nose is an organ that performs important functions, and it is an equally ascertained fact that, considering its central position on the face, it has a decisive effect on appearance.
Nasal traumas, congenital malformations and age-related alterations in shape are rather common defects.
Correcting nasal defects is always considered a difficult surgical action.
But in a large variety of cases the solution can be “medical” with more or less crooked noses, an irregular dorsal profile and a falling nasal tip can be corrected in a few minutes.
How is it done?
By using hyaluronic acid and Botox.
Hyaluronic acid injected into subcutaneous space creates flowing lines and a harmonious nasal contour.
Botox relaxes muscles that have a tendency to drag the tip downwards, thus allowing the nose to perform an upward rotation of a few millimetres!
Obviously nasal surgery cannot always be avoided…