Considering the growing interest in the world of vampires, it was unavoidable for somebody to capitalise on this term in the world of cosmetic surgery.

Actually, “vampire facelift” is not a lifting procedure, and its only connection with vampires lies in the fact that the treatment envisages the use of a product made of one’s own blood.

Basically, a sample of your blood is collected, transformed into “platelet-rich-plasma” or PRP, and then injected into various points of your face.

PRP treatment is already used in the orthopaedic field and also by sports medicine. Furthermore, some studies suggest that it could effectively promote wound healing. Hence, injecting PRP into wrinkles and facial areas presenting a loss of volume allows to instantly trigger a cell rejuvenation process that will produce new collagen tissue.

It is a genuine biorevitalisation process that creates toned, elastic and youthful skin.

This is the new source of youthfulness. And… it is entirely natural!