from NOI – monthly journal of the Novara Provincial Administration. November 2011

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Articles on cosmetic surgery, written by Dr. Vourtsis in partnership with the San Luigi Clinic, Borgomanero, will be published on a monthly basis in the magazine NOI, starting from November. The various surgical procedures will be explained every month. This series will start with facial cosmetic procedures, particularly Rhinoplasty, Otoplasty and Mentoplasty.


Medicine is a branch of science that most attracts people from outside its framework. Specifically, surgery is a specialisation that underpins medicine, and can be of various types, precisely neurological, thoracic, cardiac, oncological and reconstructive, or plastic surgery. The term reconstructive surgery designates a process by which, following a trauma or a morphological or functional defect, such as degenerative diseases or congenital situations, the surgeon performs artificial and non-artificial reconstruction to compensate for the loss or absence of tissues, such as skin, subcutaneous tissue, fascia, muscles and bones. Then, reconstructive or plastic surgery branches into “cosmetic” surgery, which is performed on subjects who want to modify parts of their body by easily addressing any specific area. Hence the definition of plastic surgery as a “system” that can target any part of the body, since it is not district-specific. As mentioned above, this sector has the advantage of being able to intervene on any part of the body. Moreover, its multiple specialisations include an extensive choice of localised activities, such as surgery for the body, breast, intimate parts, face, etc… Today cosmetic surgery has overcome the phase when it was confined to a niche for few, and also considering the more extensive offer available, an increasing number of people resort to it. The costs for surgery are not only for the elite as in the past, and the number of people who resort to plastic surgery to touch up specific parts of the body is steadily rising. Initially cosmetic surgery was only used by women but men too have learnt to appreciate its benefits over the years. Italy has clinics and private practices that work in partnership with surgical experts and brilliant minds. This new column, which envisages 11 parts, will enlarge on every specific branch of this sector, with the cooperation of Dr. Alberto Antamati and his team at the “San Luigi” Medical Centre, Borgomanero.

Alessandro Marrone