from Vero Salute del giugno 2010

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SHOULD I GO FOR IT NOW OR LATER? Is there any advice against submitting to cosmetic surgery in summer?

The choice of the period for surgery especially depends on personal commitments.  There are basically no contraindications against warm seasons, suffice to consider that, in South America, they perform surgery all year round. Today living environments are all air conditioned and the heat does not affect the outcome of surgery anymore. It is true that surgery performed in the peak of summer requires more attention in terms of the patient’s postoperative behaviour. Hence, it is crucial to comply with the doctor’s instructions, follow the prescribed therapy, and avoid perspiration and exposure to UV radiations for 15 days after surgery. Scrupulous compliance with this advice will avoid all problems.

SUN HAZARD: how must we prepare the skin for summer?

The preparation of facial skin for the sun must not be underestimated. “Revitalisation” is recommended as preparatory treatment. It entails microinjections at multiple levels of the skin with nutritional substances and hyaluronic acid that by retaining water contribute to maintain the skin constantly moisturised and smooth. Furthermore, besides repairing the microscopic wrinkles, the injections themselves stimulate cell regeneration and collagen production. Hence, the skin is ready to face the dryness associated with the sun. The same treatment will later be used after summer to repair the damage wrought by UV radiations.

A PROSPEROUS BREAST – can breast augmentation be achieved without necessarily resorting to prostheses?

Prostheses are still the best technique from every perspective but alternative (laboratory) substances, such as hyaluronic acid, can be used in some carefully selected cases. The hyaluronic acid injection instantly enlarges the breast making it one size bigger, but this is not a decisive system because the substance is slowly absorbed by the body and, therefore, the effect lasts for about one year. An important and “natural” alternative procedure is fat transplantation. In practice, it entails transporting fat, easily and quite painlessly, from areas where it is a “disturbance” to areas where curves are, instead, better appreciated. Augmentation through autologous transplantation of adipocytes is a mini-invasive method that allows to sculpture the breast without adding foreign bodies or substances but using the patient’s own adipose tissue. It is understood that the outcome can be impaired by intensive weight loss.